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Dealership for 5 Products
Balcony Glazing Systems
Sliding Glazing Systems
Horizontal Sliding Walls
Balustrade Railing Systems
Automatic Guillotine Systems
Technical Support
We provide you our guidance expertise for all technical issues. Our technical department is always ready to support you.
Patended Systems
MGY Balcony Glazing Systems, patented by European Patent Office.
Readymade Business
MGY Bosphorus Dealership Organization: A well-though-through and ready made business model.
Don’t worry !

The most economical products and the highest quality products exist together in our product range.

Build your Sub-dealer Network
Our business model allows you to build your sub-dealer network and deliver finished product.
Our aim is enabling a platform for our dealers which they can produce a wide range of systems with their minimum stock.
Training Section
All our dealers have a training about MGY Bosphorus products. Beside the training program, technical documents and manuals allow you to learn how to manufacture.
Manufacturer Dealer
You can manufacture systems and make installation to your customers or sell as a finished product to your sub-dealers.
Installer Dealer
You can install semi-finished systems to your customers
You can both sell profiles and accessories, manufacture systems. (Only Statü Branded Products)
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