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MGY heat unsulated balcony glazing system times more insulation with its heat insulated glasses comparing to single glass.
MGY Staklene Terasa Sistemi takes the form of the balcony where applied.
Blinds can be applied between heat insulated glasses optionally. Thus, you can control sunlight esthetically without assembling curtain.
Glass Panels Don’t Hang Down or Fall
MGY Bosphorus systems have developed a special locking mechanism for the heat insulated glass balcony system.
Cornered Balconies Are Completely Open
 L and U shaped balconies can be opened without the need or corner pillars.
Hidden Water Drainage
Our products enables the system to release the water formed by the steam on the panels.
Maximum Panoramic View
The system allows the usage of wide glass panels up to 80 cm which do not block the panoramic view.
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Heat Insulated Balcony Glazing System  differing with its both functionality and visuality from other balcony glazing systems, makes your balcony an useful room of your house.

MGY Bosphorus, presents consumers the highest insulation level for a balcony glazing system has reached. For the first time in the sector magnetic gasget, EPDM gasget and brush are used together in the same system to increase the insulation level. System has been developed to be used easily for years without requesting any technical service.

balcony pleasure for all Seasons!

MGY Bosphorus heat insulated balcony glazing system commits 5 time more insulation comparing to single glass balcony glazing systems. Contrary to popular belief, with a proper glass type choice, MGY Bosphorus provides your balcony also stay cool in hot weather by preference of appropriate glass, besides insulation for cold weather. Balcony pleasure can be limited to two months in some regions but heat insulated balcony glazing system makes your balcony as an useful room of your house for all seasons.

Quickest In Serbia
MGY BOSPHORUS aware of the clients urgency and try keep dead-line as minimum as possible. After confirmation of order, in 20 days your new room will be ready use.
Passed Tests
Our Balcony Glazing System have been tested by German PfB Technical Institute for water test, wind permeability and impact test according to European Standards
Stainless Steel
MGY Bosphorus products have been manufactured with 100% stainless steel and under guarantee for 10 years.
frequently asked questions ?

All our glazing systems parts, 2 years  under the warranty. The bearing parts are under 10 years stainless steel warranty.

With the MGY Folding Glass  system, blinds can be applied between the insulating glass upon request. At the same time, a roller system (optional) installed on the system can be adapted to the roller blind system that you make any curtain. Since the exit guide of the system is foldable, it does not prevent the use of curtains.

For the price of the glass balcony, the size of the area to be applied is multiplied by the size and the size of the area. The average unit cost is multiplied by the unit price of m². You can use the following example to calculate the square meter of the application area: If the width of the area is 4 meters and the height is 2 meters, the square meter of the glass balcony will be 4 x 2 = 8 m².

Since all windows of the system can be opened individually, they can be easily wiped from outside and inside. Since the vertical profiles are aluminum, they do not turn yellow in time. The system was designed to be smooth, taking into account the cleaning details, and the profiles with recessed projections were avoided.

The most important factor that should be taken into consideration when making a glass balcony in your house is the structural features of the area to be applied. Folding or sliding products may be preferred according to the size, location, application area of the application area. Depending on the structure of the preferred system, it can be applied as single glazing or double glazing. There is also the option of tempered glass to increase safety.

Apartment, villa, cafe, restaurant, hotel etc. Suitable for use in all kinds of places. It is also fully compatible with the MGY Bosphorus conservatory and automatic pergola systems.

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